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How Humans Are Crowdsourcing a Cure to COVID-19

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Rapid antiviral discovery is hard, but COVID Moonshot leverages several advantages to try to speed up the process of finding a coronavirus therapeutic by several orders of magnitude. This video explains some of the methods and the many teams like Folding @ Home that are making it happen.

The Perfect Crime - Scientific Fraud in America

This is the story of the largest scandal ever in criminology, alleged fraud, anonymous whistleblowers and more. It took me the 4 months to uncover, getting all the sources and records requests in from FSU as well as fact-checking the material in this piece. It changed the way I look at fraud and I hope you find it as incredible of a story as I did.

Original investigative journalism is incredibly time-consuming. If you like it, you can support more of it here:

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Red Bull's Invisible Marketing

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I'M BACK with a marketing analysis of one of my favorite brands, Red Bull. We're discussing their invisible content marketing and why I think it's so effective. The place I want to start is with a question: Why would a brand spend $65 million dollars on the Stratos Jump of Felix Baumgartner only not to show their product on screen?

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Red Bull Ad Age WriteUp
Red Bull's Stratos Jump (short and long cut)\u0026




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