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Test Prep Tips - Hands On With ASE Test Questions

Webinar from 8-26-14, providing a hands-on experience of interacting with ASE test questions.
Sharky Rich : There are trick questions. For example: Sample question 2. If a ball joint was binding it is most likely caused by lack of grease that lead to the binding and if no grease is present then the binding will make a clunking noise as you turn the wheel. The two metals bind do to friction welding from being dry. It will grab and break grab and break making a donk donk donk noise as the wheel is turned. If the joint is binding without this sound then its either a manufacture defect or the customer hit something. In this scenario I would of checked the fluid lvl first unless I heard and felt jerking. You will have to remove answer D for this question to be accurate.
Londzale : I wish my instructors did this in class instead of powerpoints.
T'Real Williams : Yes... I got it right with C!!!!
T'Real Williams : C
John Keyno : I've noticed that if a blower motor, or in this case a fuel pump still receives power but not the proper 12V it is something beforehand like a resistor and in this case a relay. Electric is really complex and the regular customer wont pay to get an exvellent diag.
mybad67 : I'm over LOL'ing because this dude has AOL messenger installed on his computer LMAO.....A/S/L much buddy?
Wayne Henderson : d
Wayne Henderson : a
Wayne Henderson : good here
GixxerRed : What's the name of the mobile app?


In this weeks episode, I cover some information about ASE certifications, why you should get them and pass on some tips I've picked up to help you pass them.


Producer: Thanks Chris

Gloves I use:
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Lets Drift Media : Hope everyones 2020 has been going great! Surprisingly this has been one of my best years even with the whole COVID situation going on. Who woulda thought
iDonut Boy : I failed A5 twice. And studied profusely both times, even went to a class the second time
Sam Shim : "Shit's about to go down in 2020"
MGBtoMX5 : I've recertified 4 times Master, 3 times L1 and I'm about to recertify Hybrid, yeah I'm old. A1-A8 ASE's just evaluate a technicians understanding of basic fundamentals. The L1 evaluates a technicians ability to apply those fundamentals in real world diagnosis and I think the L1 does a good job of it. You're not going to fake your way through the L1. Of course ASE's don't evaluate a techs work ethic or ability to turn wrenches. But when you're young, ASE's help show that you are serious career technician. When you get old, current ASE certification can help show technology hasn't passed you by. I've worked for the same dealer for 28 years, of course book hours are still the primary metric in which we're judged, but I still think ASE's are important and give you an edge over non-certified techs.
Steampunked Mum : I just started working with a school district in the mechanic shop department, and look forward to take these tests soon, thanks for the great info!
Justin The technician : Lol little did he know about 2020
Giovanni Garvin : 0:33 u were right something did go down in 2020
Atl_born Donovan : I been in the automotive industry for 2 years I’m ready to get a few ase it’s guaranteed better pay can’t wait I’m gone study
Christian Claveria : Have you considered taking L1?
Alex Sanchez : t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 l1 p1 i need them all lol but mines are T Diesel..

ASE A1 Practice Test - ASE A1 Engine Repair Test Prep - Test 1

An ASE A1 Test Prep Video by View this 10 question ASE A1 Practice Test with illustrated answers, it's designed for better user retention. Part of an ASE Test Prep Video series.
Adrian Hernandez : You can download a version of the Motor Age A1 Training Manual here -
Cassandra Andrews : Viewed May 5, 2020.




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