[IFRE 2014] Session 2

by IFRE2014 posted Nov 07, 2014


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크게 작게 위로 아래로 댓글로 가기 인쇄

IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0049.jpg IMG_0050.jpg IMG_9943.jpg IMG_9957.jpg IMG_9967.jpg IMG_9993.jpg IMG_9997.jpg IMG_9998.jpg 1) Elizabeth Wager

 : Publications Consultant, Former Chair, Sideview, COPE, UK

2) Hwang, Eun Seong

 : Professor, Department of Life Science, University of Seoul

3) Bae, Chong Woo

 : Chairman, Committee for Publication Ethics, Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors(KAMJE)